What knowledge is necessary for a CCNA certification?

Are you interested in computer networking? Perhaps the CCNA certification program is right for you then. The CCNA certificate program is in computer networking developed by the Cisco systems. In fact, Cisco is the company behind the CCNA program. Cisco developed this program in hopes of recognizing competency in the installation and support of networks.

So, how do you get your CCNA certification? Well, the standard certification is obtained through passing a 90 minute written exam. Plus, you don’t need any prerequisites for this exam. However, if needed, you can take formal training courses to prepare you for the exam. There are a number of topics on the CCNA exam. The topics are LAN and WAN design, IP addressing, routers and routing protocols, virtual LAN and wireless LAN, and network security and management. There are other exams which specialize in various areas of computer networking. CCNA security, CCNA voice, and CCNA wireless are a few other exams.

ccna-certificationBut, how long does this certification remain valid? The CCNA certification is valid for three years, after these three years a re-certification is required. However, you can always take advanced programs instead of re-certifying your CCNA. Cisco Certified Network Professional and Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert are a couple of these advanced programs. So, what can you do with a CCNA certificate? You’ll be able to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot any medium sized routed networks. Basically, you’ll be able to build low to medium sized networks, and there is a lot of demand in this field now.

If you’re interested in becoming a network technician, network administrator, or want to advance your career in IT the CCNA certification is for you. In fact, one of the skills you’ll learn is mitigation of security threats, so if you’re interested in IT work this certificate will help you start a thriving career. Most applicants will probably just want to get it over and take the exam. But, you would be smart to take the pre-exam courses because you get access to Cisco equipment in a lab. And, there is nothing more valuable than hands-on experience.

It’s common knowledge that IT is an industry that is constantly growing and expanding. For this reason, starting a new career in IT computer networking is a smart decision. The job security alone is reason to get your CCNA certificate. In fact, the demand for certified CCNA technicians is expected to increase over the next decade. And, if you continue down the path and get advanced certificated your potential for advancement increases. So, if you want to start a lucrative, rewarding career getting your CCNA certificate is definitely the first step.
Currently, we find ourselves in a time where people are lucky to even have a job. But, with the CCNA certificate you’ll not only have a steady stream of money, you’ll be doing interesting and rewarding work. So, if computer networking is an interesting concept to you this is definitely the right path.

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